Here you’ll be able to master organic chemistry nomenclature using interactive quizzes, as well as learning the application of numerous organic compounds.

To learn organic nomenclature

Step 1: Read the nomenclature guide, which describes the internationally recognized nomenclature rules (IUPAC) and/or watch the videos below.

The following videos explain different elements of organic nomenclature. We recommend watching them in order.

Step 2: Create a quiz, either by choosing a premade quiz (start with level 1) or creating your own quiz. You can consult this guide while you work on questions.

Be sure you can do the questions independently before your exam!

Choosing your quiz

Quick start: choose a premade quiz

Try a premade quiz (see Figure 1). Level 1 includes questions for drawing & naming alcanes. Level 2 includes questions of all three types (naming, drawing, identifying) and with one functional group. Level 3 includes questions of all three types and includes more advanced functional groups.

Figure 1

To best focus your learning

Create your own quiz (see Figure 2). Follow steps 1–3 to create your quiz. Notice that the number of available questions corresponding to your choices is available in the “Start Quiz” box.

Figure 2

Click "Start Quiz" at the bottom right of the screen once you are ready to begin and the system will create a 10-question quiz for you.

Navigating your quiz

When navigating the quiz, there are many buttons and icons with different functions available to you. Some move the quiz forward while others offer help and hints.

Submits your current response to see if it is correct. You have 5 attempts for each question. Once all attempts have been used, the question will be marked as incorrect and the correct response will be shown.
Will close the question and show you the correct response (note: Clicking it will mark this question as both incorrect and abandonned).
Submit the quiz and view your results. Any questions left unanswered will be marked as incorrect and abandoned.
Export the current quiz to a PDF document. This will create a downloadable which will include the questions and answers of the current quiz.
See the important facts about a molecule by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol (note: not all molecules have facts available).
Each question has a set of hints designed specifically for it. Feeling stumped? Consult the hints before giving up!
View the decision tree.
Important notes about answering this question (note: not all molecules have notes available).
Once a question is marked incorrect, this icon will allow you to toggle hide/show the correct response.
Once a question is marked correct, this icon will allow you to toggle hide/show the correct response.

The quiz dashboard allows you to get a full view of your current quiz. When open, it will display your current correct and incorrect questions as well all of your attempts.

Clicking on any of the questions will scroll the quiz to that location and you can submit your quiz and export it to PDF with the buttons located at the bottom.

You can toggle hide/show the dashboard by clicking the green section at the right.

Comments, suggestions, or problems?

We would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and error reports to help us improve this learning tool.

Good Luck!